Best Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

The 11 Best Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

As a virtual assistant, I’m always on the hunt for the best places to find new job opportunities. Just like a treasure map, I’ve discovered a few hidden gems that have helped me land some amazing gigs.

From the renowned Upwork to the reliable Fiverr and the professional network of LinkedIn, these platforms have become my trusted allies in the quest for virtual assistant jobs. With their user-friendly interfaces and vast pool of clients, they offer endless possibilities to showcase my skills and connect with potential employers.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this exciting virtual adventure, join me as I reveal the best places to find virtual assistant jobs. Let’s set sail and discover the world of remote work together!

1. Upwork

I highly recommend using Upwork, the largest freelance platform, to find the best virtual assistant jobs.

Upwork provides a multitude of job opportunities for virtual assistants looking for remote work. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to easily navigate through job listings and filter postings based on their preferences and skills.

With over 12 million active freelancers and 5 million paying clients from over 180 countries, Upwork provides a vast network of potential clients and job opportunities. Moreover, Upwork’s high client satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 reflects the platform’s strong reputation and credibility.

2. Fiverr

A trusted marketplace for freelance services, Fiverr offers virtual assistants numerous job opportunities and the ability to control their rates and client interactions. Fiverr is one of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs due to its wide range of job postings and the flexibility it offers in remote work.

As a virtual assistant on Fiverr, you have the advantage of attracting potential clients who come to you, giving you more control over your rates and the clients you choose to work with. To make the most of Fiverr, it’s crucial to create eye-catching service listings that effectively showcase your skills and upsell your services through packages.

3. LinkedIn

One of the best platforms for finding virtual assistant jobs is on LinkedIn, where professionals can connect and network with potential clients. LinkedIn offers a wide range of virtual assistant positions, making it an excellent platform for those seeking remote work opportunities.

Here are four reasons why LinkedIn is a great place to search for virtual assistant jobs:

  • Extensive Job Listings: LinkedIn provides international listings for virtual assistant jobs, with opportunities for both one-off gigs and full-time positions. This means you can find a variety of job options that fit your skills and preferences.
  • Industry Variety: LinkedIn offers a variety of virtual assistant jobs in different industries, including technology, healthcare, and e-commerce companies. This allows you to explore different sectors and find positions that align with your interests.
  • Collaboration and Networking: LinkedIn provides opportunities for remote collaboration and networking, allowing virtual assistants to connect with professionals in their industry. This can lead to valuable connections and potential long-term clients.
  • Busy Business Owners: Many busy business owners and professionals use LinkedIn to find virtual assistants. By showcasing your skills and experience on the platform, you can attract these busy individuals and secure high-quality remote assistant jobs.
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Utilizing LinkedIn for your virtual assistant job search can greatly increase your chances of finding suitable and rewarding opportunities.

4. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

There are seven virtual assistant companies that offer a range of job opportunities in various industries. These companies include Ajilon, Beacon Hill Staffing Group, BELAY, Boldly, CVS Health, Equivity, eXp Realty, Great Assistant, Kelly, Planet Professional, Randstad, Robert Half International, and UnitedHealth Group.

As a virtual assistant, you can find virtual assistant jobs through these companies, providing you with the chance to work remotely and support businesses in different sectors. These companies offer dedicated virtual assistant positions where you can utilize your skills and expertise to assist clients with their administrative, technical, or creative tasks.

5. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands offers a wide variety of virtual assistant tasks for individuals seeking diverse job opportunities. As a virtual assistant agency, they provide a platform for virtual assistants to find administrative tasks and work on different projects. Here are some key features of Fancy Hands:

  • Broad range of tasks: Fancy Hands has a wide variety of gigs available, allowing virtual assistants to work on different types of projects and expand their skillset.
  • Mobile application: Fancy Hands offers a mobile app for task submission, making it easier for remote virtual assistants to access and complete their assignments.
  • Limited participation in calls or meetings: While a working audio headset is needed for some tasks, participation in calls or meetings is rarely required, providing flexibility for virtual assistants.
  • Attractive option: With its diverse range of tasks, Fancy Hands is an appealing choice for virtual assistants looking for a virtual assistant job.
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6. 99 Dollar Social

I highly recommend exploring the opportunity to work with Dollar Social as a virtual assistant in the field of social media marketing.

Dollar Social is a social media marketing agency that offers limited work availability to virtual assistants, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality content.

As a virtual assistant with Dollar Social, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable experience and expand your skill set in social media marketing. This role will require you to assist with content production, providing customer support and service to clients. Copywriting experience is beneficial, as you’ll be paid a flat rate per accomplished order.

Working with Dollar Social won’t only allow you to work remotely and have flexibility, but also provide you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in social media marketing and content creation.

7. Belay

While exploring the best places to find virtual assistant jobs, one platform that stands out is Belay. Belay is a company that provides administrative support and has been in operation for at least five years.

Here are some reasons why Belay is worth considering for virtual assistant jobs:

  • Consistent work with decent rates: Belay offers virtual assistants the opportunity to have consistent work and earn a decent income.
  • Strict hiring process: Belay ensures that only qualified virtual assistants are hired, which leads to good-paying, long-term clients.
  • Focused work: VAs at Belay can only take on orders within their expertise, allowing them to work on projects that align with their skills and interests.
  • Professional expectations: Belay expects virtual assistants to respond during business hours, providing structure and professionalism.

Belay is known for its high-quality clients and long-term opportunities for virtual assistants. With its focus on providing administrative support and its strict hiring process, Belay is a platform to consider when searching for virtual assistant jobs.

8. Virtalent

One notable platform for virtual assistant jobs is Virtalent, offering long-term project assignments that require a minimum of five years of experience.

As a remote agency based in the UK, Virtalent specializes in matching clients with qualified virtual assistants who can provide administrative services to small and medium-sized businesses.

What sets Virtalent apart in the virtual assistant job market is its focus on long-term assignments and experienced professionals. For job seekers seeking stability and professional growth, Virtalent provides an ideal platform to find meaningful projects.

With strong organizational skills, excellent communication abilities, and proficiency in virtual communication tools, virtual assistants can secure long-term career opportunities with Virtalent.

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If you have at least five years of experience as a virtual assistant, Virtalent is definitely one of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs.

9. Time Etc

A popular platform for virtual assistant jobs is Time Etc, offering a wide range of administrative services to small and medium businesses. As a virtual assistant on Time Etc, you have the opportunity to work with a diverse client base and gain experience in various areas.

Here are some key features of Time Etc:

  • Event Planning: Time Etc offers opportunities to assist with event planning tasks, such as coordinating logistics, managing guest lists, and organizing schedules.
  • Pricing Plans: Time Etc offers different pricing plans for clients, allowing you to negotiate your hourly rates for more challenging tasks and potentially earn more.
  • Personal Assistants: As a virtual assistant on Time Etc, you can provide personalized support to clients, helping them with tasks like scheduling appointments, managing emails, and organizing their day-to-day activities.
  • Remote Opportunities: Time Etc allows you to work from the comfort of your own home, providing flexibility and work-life balance.

With its range of administrative services and flexible work arrangements, Time Etc is a great platform to find virtual assistant jobs.

10. Vicky Virtual

I recommend checking out Vicky Virtual if you’re looking for virtual assistant jobs. Vicky Virtual specializes in voice process jobs and hires for virtual receptionist services. They provide opportunities for remote collaboration and offer a flexible work schedule for virtual receptionist services.

With their focus on voice process jobs, Vicky Virtual offers a unique niche in the remote virtual assistant job market. As a virtual assistant, it’s important to find the best opportunities that match your skills and preferences. Vicky Virtual provides a platform for virtual assistants to showcase their abilities in taking calls, answering queries, and reaching out to partners.

11. Virtual Gal Friday

Continuing from the previous subtopic, I highly recommend considering Virtual Gal Friday for virtual assistant jobs. This specialized virtual assistant company focuses on legal, medical, and accounting tasks, making it an excellent option for virtual assistants with industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Here are four reasons why Virtual Gal Friday stands out among other platforms:

  • Long-term employment: Virtual Gal Friday treats virtual assistants as long-term employees, providing stability and job security.
  • Specialized fields: The company offers job opportunities in sectors that demand a high level of expertise, allowing VAs to showcase their skills and be recognized as valued professionals.
  • Recognition and rewards: Virtual Gal Friday values the skills and expertise of virtual assistants and rewards them accordingly, creating a supportive and professional working environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree required: This platform requires a bachelor’s degree, making it an attractive option for VAs with higher education qualifications.