How To Save Money On Great Wolf Lodge

How To Save Money On Great Wolf Lodge

As a financial advisor and someone who loves family vacations, I understand the importance of finding ways to save money on trips without sacrificing quality time with your loved ones. Great Wolf Lodge is one of those go-to destinations that offers an incredible getaway for families at their various locations throughout North America.

However, we all know how quickly costs can add up when planning a trip like this – from accommodations to food and activities. Fear not! I’m here to share my insider tips on how you can still have a fantastic vacation while saving hard-earned cash.

In this article, we’ll explore different strategies to help keep your wallet happy as you plan your next adventure to Great Wolf Lodge. These include taking advantage of discounts and promotions, choosing the right room type for your needs, being smart about meal choices, and using the countless free amenities available at each resort location.

Following these guidelines, you’ll soon enjoy all the fun Great Wolf Lodge offers without breaking the bank!

Peak Periods To Avoid

Imagine trying to book a luxurious cruise right in the middle of the summer vacation season – it’s not only tough, but you’ll also miss out on seasonal discounts and better rental packages.

Great Wolf Lodge can be quite similar, so let me guide you through peak periods that are best to avoid.

First, school holidays and long weekends tend to see higher prices due to increased demand; however, group discounts could be useful if you’re planning a big family trip or gathering with friends.

Flexible Locations

One trick I always recommend is to consider flexible locations.

By comparing different Great Wolf Lodge properties, you can snag discount packages or even off-season and group rates that make your stay much more affordable.

Voyager Points Program

Imagine yourself as a wise explorer, navigating the wilds of family vacations and seeking hidden treasures to make your journey more affordable.

The key treasure you’ll want to uncover in this adventure is Great Wolf Lodge’s Voyager Points Program, which offers loyalty rewards that unlock a trove of free activities and budgeting hacks.

As a savvy financial advisor would recommend, taking advantage of these points systems on longer stays can maximize your benefits without breaking the bank.

With careful planning and commitment to the program, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Great Wolf Lodge has to offer while keeping your wallet happy.

Preparing Kids For No’S

It’s essential to teach your kids financial literacy and incorporate budgeting tips into the family vacation so they can better understand the value of money.

Establish reward systems or incentives for responsible spending, which will help them learn that saying ‘no’ sometimes is a valuable life skill in managing finances responsibly.

Paw Pass Price Analysis

So, you’ve laid the groundwork for setting boundaries with your kids at Great Wolf Lodge.

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Now let’s crunch some numbers and analyze if a Paw Pass is truly worth it for your family.

I had the pleasure of touring the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Canada, in the company of my loved ones.

To explore the Lodge’s plentiful amenities, we procured the Paw Pass, which availed us of discounted entry to an array of thrilling activities.

The Paw Pass is a steal at $69.99 per wolf, granting access to an exciting gamut of amusements, such as MagiQuest, a game of bowling, the opportunity to craft a stuffed animal, a water slide photo, a present at the Scoops Kid Spa, delicious fudge at the Bear Claw Cafe, a color-it-yourself article in the Cub Club, wolf ears from Trading Post Gift Shop, as well as Paw Points and a game card to redeem at the Northern Lights Arcade.

My kids were thoroughly captivated by the Paw Pass, relishing the MagiQuest game and the chance to create their stuffed animal.

We also had a splendid time at the arcade, which was well-frequented by our family. The pass’s inclusions bestowed upon us added value to our journey.

In overall I recommend the Paw Pass, contingent on your family’s plans to indulge in the additional activities offered at the Lodge. It provided savings and augmented our overall experience at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Paw pass pros and cons


  • Access to a variety of activities around the lodge at a discounted price
  • Can provide cost savings for families who plan to enjoy the extra activities at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Offers a range of activities suitable for different age groups
  • Provides a convenient way to pre-pay for activities before arriving at the resort
  • Can add to the overall experience and enjoyment of the trip


  • May not be worth the cost for families who don’t plan to participate in many of the activities included in the pass
  • May not include all of the activities that a family is interested in
  • Prices and activities included vary by location, so it may not be easy to compare across different Great Wolf Lodge locations
  • Some families may prefer to choose activities a la carte rather than purchasing a pre-packaged bundle

As a financial expert, I always recommend looking into discounted packages, local discounts, and online coupons to maximize savings on any trip.

Alternatives To Purchasing Coffee

So, instead of shelling out for overpriced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, consider bringing your supplies or looking for discounted refills and online coupons to save money.

You can also explore nearby grocery stores for more affordable options, ensuring you start each day with a satisfying cup of joe without hurting your wallet.

Price-Free Activities

Now that we’ve discussed alternatives to purchasing coffee let’s dive into some price-free activities you can enjoy at Great Wolf Lodge.

Did you know that 63% of American families say they are more likely to take a vacation if it includes freebies and discounts?

To help make your stay even more enjoyable without breaking the bank, consider these fun, cost-free options:

  • Bedtime stories
  • Arts & crafts sessions
  • Dance parties for the whole family
  • Board game afternoons

As a financial expert, I recommend checking for bulk discounts, seasonal specials, and group rates when booking your trip to maximize savings.

Additionally, remember those exciting extra promotions offered by different locations throughout the year as part of their celebration events or anniversaries.

Remember, every penny saved makes your family vacation memorable and affordable!

Limiting Wristband Spending

One way to limit wristband spending is by taking advantage of discounting wristbands, online deals, and group rates.

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You could save significantly on your trip while allowing your kids some freedom with their purchases without breaking the bank.

Early Check-In And Late Check-Out

Now that we’ve discussed limiting wristband spending, let’s dive into other money-saving tactics.

Discount strategies and online deals are one of the best ways to save on your Great Wolf Lodge trip.

Watch for special promotions on their website or partner sites like Groupon, which often offer significant savings.

Additionally, take advantage of free activities available at the resort, such as storytime, character meet-and-greets, and nature trails.

This will allow you to have a fun-filled vacation without breaking the bank.

Day Pass Savings

Day Pass Savings

I felt like a kid in a candy store when booking discounted packages at Great Wolf Lodge.

Take advantage of the sweet savings offered by day passes!

Consider this alternative, especially if you live nearby and don’t necessarily need a hotel room.

Look for deals involving multi-night stays or group discounts to stretch your dollar further.

Consideration For Food Costs

Now that we’ve discussed day pass savings, it’s time to consider how to save money on food costs during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

One of the best ways is to take advantage of online discounts and group packages, which often include dining discounts.

By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy various meals without breaking the bank, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone at your party.

So make sure to explore these options when planning your trip!

Email Subscriptions

Signing up for email lists can help you save an average of 10-20% off your first purchase with a company.

This savings potential is also true regarding Great Wolf Lodge, as their loyalty programs and email subscriptions give members exclusive discounts.

So please take advantage of these fantastic opportunities by subscribing to their mailing list today!

Reusable Souvenir Cups

Now that you’ve learned about email subscriptions let’s dive into another money-saving tip: reusable souvenir cups.

These can be a fantastic way to save on drinks during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge and are especially beneficial if you plan to frequent the resort multiple times.

When buying these cups in bulk, it’s also worth looking into international discounts or group rates. Some locations may offer deals for larger groups or those outside the country.

Remember, each location has rules regarding cup refills and reusability, so clarify before making a purchase!

Bringing Your Snacks And Beverages

Imagine planning a fun weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with your family and wanting to cut down on food expenses.

One smart way to do this is by bringing your snacks and beverages!

Look up some family-friendly recipes online that you can prepare before your trip, or put together DIY snacks like trail mix, granola bars, or veggie sticks with hummus.

Remember about cost-effective drinks – consider packing water bottles or juice boxes for everyone in your group.

Meals From Nearby Restaurants

So, when planning your Great Wolf Lodge adventure, consider eating in advance or seeking nearby restaurants for mealtime.

You’ll likely find better food options and can search for online discounts or local coupons to save extra cash during your trip.

Utilizing Magiquest Wands

One of the best ways to save money on your Great Wolf Lodge adventure is by utilizing MagiQuest wands.

Look for discounts for MagiQuest, online specials, and purchasing bundles that include both the game and wand at a reduced price.

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Stackable Bonus Deals

They say the early bird catches the worm, which couldn’t be more true when saving money on your Great Wolf Lodge adventure. By taking advantage of stackable Bonus Deals offered through Voyager, you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation without breaking the bank.

Here are five ways to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck:

  • Watch for online deals: Subscribe to newsletters or follow social media pages where special promotions might pop up.
  •  Look for package deals: Bundling accommodations with other amenities like meals or activities can lead to significant savings.
  •  Book early: Snagging a reservation well in advance often means better rates and availability
  •  Utilize those personalized Voyager Bonus Deals: Stack your points on top of existing discounts for even greater savings.
  •  Be flexible with travel dates: Consider traveling during off-peak times when prices are lower.

Remember, folks, combining these tips with our stackable Bonus Deals will ensure you have a howling good time at Great Wolf Lodge without leaving your wallet empty.

Skipping Themed Rooms

One great way to save money on your Great Wolf Lodge experience is by opting for a basic room instead of the themed one.

You can often find discounted rates or online deals for alternative lodging options that are just as comfortable and enjoyable without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, saving money on your Great Wolf Lodge adventure is within reach if you follow some helpful tips. Remember, every little bit helps when it comes to keeping more cash in your wallet!

You don’t have to break the bank for a memorable family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge. Be flexible with your location choices and avoid peak periods like the plague.

Engage yourself in their Voyager Points Program, and be prepared to set boundaries with your kids before arriving at the resort. Look for Paw Pass deals worth your while and make mealtime a breeze by opting for nearby restaurants instead.

Lastly, get creative with using MagiQuest wands over multiple visits, search high and low for stackable bonus deals online, and remember that themed rooms can sometimes be skipped without sacrificing any fun experiences for the family!

By following these guidelines from a financial advisor’s perspective, you’ll ensure an enjoyable time at Great Wolf Lodge without buyer’s remorse later. Happy travels!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I find the best deals on Great Wolf Lodge?

To find the best deals on Great Wolf Lodge, you can start by checking the official website or signing up for their email newsletter. They often offer exclusive discounts and promotions to their subscribers. Additionally, you can follow Great Wolf Lodge on social media to stay updated on any special deals or offers they may have.

Is it cheaper to book a room in advance or last minute?

It is generally cheaper to book a room in advance rather than last minute at Great Wolf Lodge. Booking early allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts and promotions, as well as secure the room type you want at the best price. Booking last minute can be risky as availability may be limited and prices may be higher due to high demand.

Can I bring my food and drinks to Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge allows guests to bring their food and non-alcoholic beverages into their rooms, but outside food and drinks are not allowed in common areas or the water park. However, Great Wolf Lodge does offer a variety of affordable dining options, including a buffet restaurant, pizza parlor, and snack bars.

How can I save money on parking fees?

You can save money on parking fees at Great Wolf Lodge by choosing to park offsite and taking a shuttle to the resort. Some nearby hotels offer free parking and shuttle service to Great Wolf Lodge, or you can use a ride-sharing service to avoid parking fees altogether.

Does Great Wolf Lodge offer any loyalty programs or rewards?

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge does offer a loyalty program called the ” Voyagers Club” program. Members receive exclusive discounts and promotions, early access to special events and deals, and earn points for every dollar spent at Great Wolf Lodge. Points can be redeemed for future stays, dining, and activities.