Frugal Habits of the Super Rich and Famous

13 Frugal Habits of the Super Rich and Famous

Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the super rich and famous?

Get ready to be inspired and enlightened as we delve into the frugal habits of some of the most influential individuals in the world. From bargain hunting to coupon clipping, these celebrities and entrepreneurs know how to maintain their wealth while living a frugal lifestyle.

Discover how they balance their opulent lifestyles with practical financial choices.

Get ready to learn from the best and adopt their frugal habits for yourself.

1. Bethenny Frankel: Never Pays Retail Prices

When it comes to her frugal habits, Bethenny Frankel stands out with her unwavering commitment to never paying retail prices.

While some celebrities may splurge on designer clothing and shoes, Bethenny knows the value of a good deal. She’s a pro at bargain hunting on eBay, always finding stylish pieces at a fraction of the price.

It’s no wonder she’s able to build her empire while staying savvy with her spending.

2. Anthony Anderson: Doesn’t Overspend on Big Purchases

Continuing with the discussion of frugal habits among the super rich and famous, another notable individual is Anthony Anderson, who stands out for his ability to not overspend on big purchases. If you’re looking for budgeting tips and saving strategies, take a page out of Anderson’s book.

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Instead of splurging on extravagant items, he knows the value of being mindful with his money. By sticking to a budget and resisting the temptation to overspend, Anderson sets a great example for anyone looking to make smarter financial choices.

3. Hilary Swank: Clips Coupons

To continue the exploration of frugal habits among the super rich and famous, let’s delve into Hilary Swank’s money-saving strategy: she clips coupons.

Couponing can be an effective way to save money, especially when done strategically. By using coupons, you can reduce your expenses and stick to your budget. It’s important to find the best coupon deals and take advantage of coupon stacking to maximize your savings.

Take a cue from Hilary Swank and start saving with these couponing tips.

4. Halle Berry: Shops at CVS

Halle Berry, another super rich and famous individual, demonstrates her frugal habits by regularly shopping at CVS. She understands the value of saving money and finding deals. Just like Bethenny Frankel never paying retail prices, Anthony Anderson not overspending on big purchases, Hilary Swank clipping coupons, and Kristen Bell bargain hunting with coupons, Halle Berry knows that even the super rich can benefit from smart shopping choices.

CVS offers affordable options without compromising quality.

5. Kristen Bell: Bargain Hunts With Coupons

While discussing the frugal habits of the super rich and famous, it’s worth mentioning that Kristen Bell, an individual known for her smart shopping choices, engages in bargain hunting with coupons. Kristen Bell has developed effective bargain hunting strategies to save money on her purchases.

In addition, other famous individuals like Bethenny Frankel offer online shopping tips, Anthony Anderson emphasizes budgeting for big purchases, Hilary Swank recommends money saving apps, and Halle Berry shares her affordable beauty routines.

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These frugal habits can help you save money and make smarter financial choices.

6. Tiffany Haddish: Uses Groupons

Tiffany Haddish, another famous individual known for her frugal habits, saves money by utilizing Groupons for her purchases. Despite having expensive hobbies like acting and comedy, Haddish knows the value of a good deal.

While others may splurge on designer clothing like Hilary Swank or indulge in fine dining experiences like Halle Berry, Haddish finds satisfaction in getting discounts and saving money.

7. Danica Patrick: Makes Her Own Meals

When it comes to being frugal, one of the super rich and famous individuals who stands out is Danica Patrick. She saves money on groceries by making her own meals. Not only does this help her budget, but it also allows her to eat healthy on a budget.

Danica shares meal prepping tips and emphasizes the importance of cooking at home to save money. It’s a practical and smart approach to managing your finances and your health.

8. Laila Ali: Styles Her Own Hair

To continue with our exploration of frugal habits among the super rich and famous, let’s delve into another inspiring example.

Laila Ali, like Danica Patrick, demonstrates her practicality by choosing to style her own hair. Laila Ali is known for her stylish and well-maintained hair, and she achieves this by employing various hair styling techniques and using quality hair care products.

9. Mitt Romney: Buys Golf Clubs at Kmart

Continuing our exploration of frugal habits among the super rich and famous, let’s now shift our focus to Mitt Romney, who demonstrates his practicality by purchasing his golf clubs at Kmart.

Mitt Romney’s choice to buy golf clubs at Kmart highlights the idea of affordable sporting goods. It shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find quality equipment. Golfing on a budget becomes easier when you can save money on gear and accessories.

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Kmart’s sports section offers a range of affordable sporting goods, making it a great option for frugal golfers. Shopping at Kmart provides a budget-conscious consumer with the benefits of finding affordable products without breaking the bank.

10. David Cheriton: Saves Half of Meals When Dining Out

Save half of your meals when dining out, just like David Cheriton. By doing so, you can save money and reduce food waste.

When you receive your meal, divide it in half and ask for a to-go container right away. Not only will you have leftovers for another meal, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the dining experience without feeling obligated to finish your entire plate.

It’s a simple and practical frugal habit that can make a big difference in your budget.

11. Michelle Obama: Shops at Target

Michelle Obama frequently shops at Target to save money and find great deals. Her shopping habits reflect her down to earth personality and inspire others to be more conscious of their spending.

12. Warren Buffett: Lives in the Same Home for 60 Years

Warren Buffett has chosen to live in the same home for 60 years, showcasing his frugal lifestyle and commitment to simplicity. Despite his immense wealth and success in real estate investments, Buffett prefers to stay grounded and not splurge on extravagant properties.

His frugality extends beyond his living arrangements, as he’s also known for his philanthropic efforts. Buffett’s approach serves as a reminder that true wealth lies in meaningful contributions rather than material possessions.

13. Mark Zuckerberg: Wears the Same Clothes Every Day

Continuing with the frugal habits of the super rich and famous, one individual who stands out is Mark Zuckerberg, who chooses to wear the same clothes every day.

This minimalist fashion choice not only saves him time in the morning but also aligns with his personal branding as a tech genius.


In conclusion, these frugal habits of the super rich and famous serve as a reminder that wealth doesn’t always mean extravagance.

By adopting these practices, you too can learn how to manage your finances wisely and make the most of your resources.

From seeking out deals to embracing simplicity, these individuals prove that a frugal mindset can lead to long-lasting success.

So why not take a page from their book and start incorporating these habits into your own life?

Your bank account and future self will thank you.