Jobs Like Amazon Flex

9 Jobs Like Amazon Flex – Legit Delivery Jobs That Pay

Looking for flexible delivery gigs that pay well? You’ve found the perfect guide!

Explore legitimate options similar to Amazon Flex and start earning on your schedule.

From popular apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates to convenient grocery delivery platforms like Instacart and Shipt, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from.

We’ll also highlight high-paying options like Roadie and GoShare.

Get ready for a rewarding delivery job that offers flexibility and competitive pay.

Keep reading to discover the best options available.

1. Uber Eats

If you’re looking for a legitimate delivery job, consider joining Uber Eats. As a delivery driver for Uber Eats, there are a few requirements you need to meet. You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have access to a reliable vehicle.

In terms of earnings and payment options, Uber Eats offers competitive rates and allows you to cash out your earnings instantly with their Instant Pay feature. Uber Eats operates in many cities across the world, providing you with plenty of availability and operating locations.

When comparing Uber Eats to other delivery apps, it stands out for its user-friendly interface and efficient navigation system. To maximize your earnings on Uber Eats, consider working during peak hours and staying in areas with high demand.

2. Instacart Shopper

To continue exploring legitimate delivery jobs, let’s now turn our attention to becoming an Instacart Shopper, which offers another great opportunity to earn income in the delivery industry.

As an Instacart Shopper, you have the chance to deliver groceries to customers in their local area. To maximize your earnings, there are a few grocery delivery tips you can follow. First, it’s important to plan your routes efficiently to save time and increase the number of orders you can complete.

Additionally, providing excellent customer service and being prompt with deliveries can lead to higher tips. Navigating customer substitutions on Instacart can also be a challenge, so it’s essential to communicate with customers and ensure they’re satisfied with any changes.

The benefits of being an Instacart shopper include a flexible schedule, the ability to work independently, and the potential to earn extra income. When comparing Instacart to other grocery delivery apps, it’s important to consider factors such as pay rates, availability in your area, and customer demand.

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3. DoorDash

When considering legitimate delivery jobs that pay, a great option to explore is DoorDash, where you can earn income by delivering food to customers in your local area.

Becoming a DoorDash driver is relatively easy, as the requirements include being at least 18 years old, having a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.

To maximize your earnings with DoorDash, it’s recommended to schedule your shifts during peak hours and in areas with high demand. Additionally, being efficient and timely in your deliveries can help increase your income. Some tips for successful deliveries include double-checking orders, communicating with customers, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Working for DoorDash has its pros, such as flexible hours and the ability to work on your own schedule. However, some cons include wear and tear on your vehicle and the potential for fluctuating income.

If you’re looking for alternatives to DoorDash, other on-demand delivery jobs include Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and Caviar.

4. Shipt Shopper

Shipt Shopper offers a reliable and profitable opportunity for individuals seeking legitimate delivery jobs with competitive pay. As a Shipt Shopper, there are tips and tricks you can utilize to maximize your earnings. By planning efficient routes, communicating with customers, and shopping during peak demand times, you can increase your income.

If you’re interested in becoming a Shipt Shopper, follow this step-by-step guide: apply online, complete an interview, pass a background check, and attend an orientation session.

Wondering how Shipt Shopper compares to Instacart Shopper? Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh factors like pay rates and available opportunities in your area.

Before applying, make sure you meet the Shipt Shopper requirements, such as having a reliable vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and the ability to lift and carry groceries.

5. TaskRabbit

If you’re looking for a versatile and flexible gig that allows you to complete various tasks for people in your area, have you considered TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit offers a wide variety of tasks that you can choose from, ranging from furniture assembly to dog walking. With flexible scheduling, you can work whenever it fits your availability and earn money on your own terms.


TaskRabbit also helps you connect with your local community, allowing you to build relationships and make a positive impact. When it comes to pay, TaskRabbit offers competitive rates, ensuring that your time and effort are valued.

Moreover, TaskRabbit provides an opportunity for growth, allowing you to expand your skills and take on more challenging tasks.

6. Roadie

Consider Roadie if you’re looking for another versatile and flexible gig that allows you to complete various delivery tasks in your area. Roadie is an on-the-way delivery platform that connects drivers with people who need items delivered.

When it comes to choosing the best vehicles for delivery with Roadie, larger vehicles like pickup trucks or vans are ideal for transporting larger items, while smaller vehicles like sedans or SUVs work well for smaller packages.

To maximize your earnings as a Roadie driver, you can take advantage of tips such as accepting multiple deliveries, planning efficient routes, and communicating with customers. Becoming a top-rated driver on Roadie involves consistently delivering items on time, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining a high rating from customers.

One of the benefits of joining the Roadie community is the opportunity to find delivery jobs in rural areas where other platforms may have limited coverage. Joining Roadie also allows you to be part of a supportive community of drivers who share tips and experiences.

7. Senpex

To explore another delivery option similar to Amazon Flex, you can try Senpex, a reliable delivery service for various items.

Senpex offers a wide range of delivery options and services, including food, legal documents, retail goods, flowers, luggage, electronics, furniture, and medical samples.

Customers have given positive reviews and high satisfaction ratings for Senpex’s prompt and reliable delivery service.

Senpex is available in multiple coverage areas, ensuring that deliveries can be made to a wide range of locations.

When compared to other on-demand delivery platforms, Senpex stands out for its diverse range of delivery options and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

To become a driver for Senpex, you need to meet their requirements and possess a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle.

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Earning potential with Senpex is competitive, providing an opportunity for drivers to earn a decent income while enjoying the flexibility of a delivery job.

8. GoShare

Continuing with the discussion of delivery options similar to Amazon Flex, let’s explore GoShare, a reliable on-the-way delivery platform that offers a range of services.

GoShare requires drivers to have access to a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck, making it ideal for those with larger vehicles. As a GoShare driver, you can provide delivery services for small parcels to bulky furniture, catering to a wide variety of customer needs.

To sign up and start working for GoShare, simply visit their website or download the app, complete the registration process, and pass a background check. GoShare operates in several locations across the United States, including major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

With GoShare, you have the potential to earn competitive rates based on the type of vehicle you have and the distance you travel for each delivery.

9. Gopuff

If you’re looking for a convenient and well-paying delivery job, Gopuff is a great option to consider.

Gopuff offers same day convenience for everyday essentials, making it easy for customers to get what they need when they need it. As a delivery driver for Gopuff, you play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient delivery service.

By delivering orders promptly and accurately, you contribute to enhancing the delivery experience for Gopuff users. Gopuff also has ambitious expansion plans, aiming to grow its presence in new markets.

As a delivery driver for Gopuff, you can enjoy a range of benefits and incentives, including flexible schedules, competitive pay, and the opportunity to earn tips. Join Gopuff today and start enjoying the perks of working in the delivery industry.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for flexible delivery jobs that pay well, there are plenty of options available to you.

Take, for example, Sarah, a single mom who was able to earn extra income by working as a DoorDash driver during her free time. Thanks to the flexibility of the job, Sarah was able to balance her responsibilities as a parent while still earning a competitive income.

With a variety of delivery job options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your needs and start earning today.