10 Printables You Should Sell on Etsy

10 Printables You Should Sell on Etsy

Are you ready to dive into the world of printables and unlock the door to Etsy success? Selling printables can be as easy as a walk in the park, attracting customers with instant downloads and personalized options.

From themed calendars to cost-effective greeting cards and customizable invitations, the possibilities are endless. And don’t forget about holiday decorations, party supplies, budgeting worksheets, and more!

With a variety of designs and high-quality files, you can make a splash on Etsy and serve customers like never before.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Printable calendars, greeting cards, invitations, and holiday/seasonal decorations are highly sought after on Etsy.
  • Offering customizable options and high-quality printable files can attract customers and increase sales.
  • Providing a variety of designs and themes for different occasions and events can cater to different customer needs.
  • Creating bundles or sets of printables can attract customers looking for comprehensive options and increase sales.


If you want to maximize your sales on Etsy, you should consider selling printable calendars. Calendar designs are highly sought after by customers who appreciate the convenience of instantly downloading and printing calendars.

By offering printable calendar templates, you provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for your customers. To cater to different preferences and interests, consider creating themed calendars for specific niches. This will attract a targeted audience and increase your sales potential.

Additionally, offering personalized calendar options allows customers to customize their calendars with important dates, names, or images. This personal touch adds value and makes the calendar more meaningful to the buyer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into the demand for printable calendars and boost your sales on Etsy.

Greeting Cards

To continue expanding your sales potential on Etsy, consider offering printable greeting cards. With the convenience of instant download and printing, customers will appreciate the last-minute option these cards provide.

Here are three reasons why selling printable greeting cards can be a lucrative venture:

  1. Unique designs: Stand out from the competition by offering a variety of eye-catching and original designs. From elegant to whimsical, cater to different customer preferences and occasions.
  2. Personalized options: Give customers the ability to add their own personal touch to the cards. Offer customizable templates where they can easily input names, messages, or even photos to make the cards truly special.
  3. Cost-effective alternatives: Printable greeting cards save customers money compared to buying physical cards. By offering affordable yet high-quality printable files, you provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on the professional finish.
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When it comes to expanding your sales potential on Etsy, continue offering printable invitations as a cost-effective alternative to expensive printed options, allowing customers to personalize and print invitations at their convenience.

With editable designs and personalized details, customers can easily customize the invitations to suit their event and style.

Provide a range of invitation designs for various events and themes, ensuring that you cater to different customer needs.

To create a complete package, include matching envelopes or envelope templates, making it easy for customers to have everything they need for their invitations.

By offering editable templates, you empower customers to add their own personal touch to the details, making each invitation unique.

With printable invitations, you provide an affordable and customizable option for customers to make their event truly special.


During holiday and seasonal periods, customers on Etsy seek printable decorations that they can easily print themselves to add a festive touch to their homes and events. Selling holiday and seasonal printables can be a lucrative opportunity for you on Etsy. Here are three ideas to consider:

  1. DIY Crafts:
    Offer printable templates for DIY crafts like paper ornaments, wreaths, and garlands. Customers will appreciate the creative outlet and the ability to personalize their decorations.
  2. Home Decor:
    Provide printable wall art, banners, and signs with holiday and seasonal themes. These printables can instantly transform any space into a festive and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Gift Ideas:
    Create printable gift tags, wrapping paper, and gift boxes that customers can use to elevate their gift-giving experience. These printables make the perfect finishing touch to any present.


For DIY party planners on Etsy, printable party supplies are in high demand. Customers love the convenience and cost-effectiveness of being able to download and print their own decorations and supplies.

To cater to this market, offer a variety of printable banners, signs, labels, and food tags in various shapes and sizes. Make sure to provide editable templates so customers can customize the text and colors to suit their party theme.

Additionally, consider creating printable party games or activities to add value to your offerings. To attract customers, showcase your designs in party-themed mockups to give them a preview of how the printables will look at their event.

With these printable party supplies, you can help DIY party planners create memorable and personalized events.

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Early Education

If you’re targeting parents and educators looking for essential early education materials, offer a wide range of printable flash cards, coloring pages, and simple worksheets for young learners. These resources are highly sought after and can be a valuable addition to your Etsy shop.

Here’s why you should consider selling early education printables:

  1. Flashcards for toddlers: Flashcards are a great way to introduce new words and concepts to young children. Create sets of flashcards with colorful visuals and clear, easy-to-read text.
  2. Coloring pages for preschoolers: Coloring isn’t only a fun activity for kids, but it also helps develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Design printable coloring pages with age-appropriate themes and engaging illustrations.
  3. Worksheets for elementary students: Worksheets provide a structured way for elementary students to practice and reinforce their learning. Offer printable worksheets that cover various subjects like math, language arts, and science, catering to different grade levels.


When it comes to budgeting, you’ll find that printable worksheets are a valuable resource for individuals and families. Offering different budgeting templates can cater to various financial goals and help people stay on track with their finances.

Printable expense trackers, savings trackers, and debt payoff sheets are essential financial planning tools that customers will appreciate. To add even more value, include tips and guidance on budgeting techniques to help customers make the most of their budget.

Consider creating bundles or packages with multiple budgeting printables for comprehensive financial planning. By providing these budgeting resources, you can help individuals and families take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals.


Offer a variety of planner designs to cater to your preferences, including monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages. Here are three reasons why selling printable planners on Etsy can be a profitable venture:

  1. Customizable layouts: Provide templates that allow customers to personalize their planner layouts. This flexibility will attract customers looking for a planner that suits their unique needs and preferences.
  2. Goal tracking: Include sections or templates for goal setting. Customers will appreciate having a dedicated space to track their goals and progress, making your planners a valuable tool for productivity and personal growth.
  3. Habit trackers: Incorporate habit tracking templates to help customers develop and maintain positive habits. From fitness routines to daily water intake, habit trackers will add another layer of functionality to your planners and make them even more appealing to customers.

Activities for Kids

  1. Provide a variety of printable activities for kids to keep them entertained and engaged.
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Parents and educators are always on the lookout for fun and educational ways to keep children busy. By offering printable coloring pages, educational worksheets, and craft projects, you can cater to their needs and make a positive impact on young minds.

Create a collection of printable coloring pages featuring popular characters, animals, and nature scenes to spark creativity and imagination.

Design educational worksheets that cover various subjects like math, reading, and science to make learning enjoyable.

Additionally, craft projects such as paper dolls, origami, and DIY puzzles can provide hours of entertainment and enhance fine motor skills. Remember to provide clear instructions and suggestions for parents to maximize the activity experience.

With your printable activities, you can bring joy and learning to children everywhere.


If you’re looking to cater to planner enthusiasts and crafters on Etsy, printable stickers are a must-have item in your shop. These versatile and fun printables offer endless possibilities for creativity and organization.

Here are three key aspects to consider when it comes to stickers:

  1. Sticker Design Trends: Stay up to date with the latest sticker design trends to attract customers. From cute animals and floral patterns to motivational quotes and minimalistic designs, there’s a sticker style for every taste.
  2. DIY Sticker Printing Tips: Provide high-resolution printable files for clear and vibrant sticker prints. Offer printing tips, such as using sticker paper or adhesive sheets for easy application. Encourage customers to experiment with different printing techniques to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Creative Uses for Printable Stickers: Showcase the versatility of your stickers by suggesting creative uses. They can be used in planners, scrapbooks, bullet journals, gift wrapping, and even as laptop or water bottle decals. Inspire your customers with unique ideas to make their stickers truly stand out.

With these insights, you can create and sell printable stickers that aren’t only visually appealing but also offer practical functionality for your customers’ crafting and planning needs.


So there you have it, the top printables you should sell on Etsy to attract customers and maximize your sales.

With themed calendars, customizable greeting cards, and cost-effective printable invitations, you can offer convenience and personalization to your customers.

And don’t forget about the profitability of selling holiday decorations, party supplies, budgeting worksheets, planners, activities for kids, and stickers.

By providing a variety of high-quality designs, you can stand out in the Etsy marketplace and make a profitable venture.

Dive into the world of printables and discover the opportunities waiting for you on Etsy.